Incognito Nights

Incognito Nights have been part of Pikinini Meri’s activity since its foundation 1997.
Barker-theatre has offered a stage for musicians, actors, poets, acrobats… hard-boiled professionals as well as students starting their career.

Experiments, ideas just taking a more concrete form as well as ready smaller pieces can be executed in Incognito Nights. The performers are mainly professional dancers and students, but also amateurs can take part. Alongside with dance other art forms are welcome.

WOKKI-PANNU – improvisation jam
Wokki-pannu enables creative experiments by dancers, musicians and poets. One can join in even from the audience and hopefully thereby cause alterations to improvisations.

Critic Kaisa Kurikka :::::::
The Incognito Nights in Barker-theatre are not stiff and formal; both the performers and the audience can relax and enjoy. The audience watches the performances while having a drink and the performers can test their ideas and put up acts that are not yet finished. I spend the Friday night in restaurant far more pleasantly in Barker-theatre than in the obvious local pub right next door.