Barker-teatteri, Turun vapaan taiteen näyttämö - kesä 2018

AVOIMET AAMUTREENIT  ranskalaisen taiteilijakollektiivin kanssa
Ranskalainen taiteilijakollektiivi työskentelee kesäkuussa Barker-teatterilla. Kollektiivin järjestämiin aamutreeneihin on mahdollisuus osallistua.
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The Collectif SACRE, a French artists' collective lead by Gabriel Bestion de Camboulas, will be at the Barker Teatteri in Turku 18.6-22.6.2018 and at Circus Lounge also in Turku 25.6-28.6.2018.

18.6-22.6.2018 from 10 to 11 AM at Barker Teatteri, TURKU
25.6-28.6.2018 from 10 to 11 AM at Circus Lounge (Lonttistentie 12, 20100 Turku)
Open training for anyone (not only dancers)
Price 6€ per training (20€ for 4 trainings)

During their residence, the company will be offering the opportunity to join them in their daily morning warmup practice. These one-hour sessions from 10 to 11am will serve as a chance to awaken the body and begin the day by focusing on one's breathing, while practicing initiating movement, stretching, and experimenting on some of the materials developed by the company for their latest project.

The purpose is to take some of the different practices and tools members of the company have learned throughout their careers, and to communicate them to anyone interested in deepening their connection with their own body. The practice is designed to be accessible for anyone, not just dancers. During the sessions, we build a routine sequence for getting back into one's body and closer to one's own sensations. The participants will leave with the tools they need for building and maintaining wellbeing through a steady connection with their bodies.

In the course of the practice, we will be demonstrating breathing exercises, teaching how to "shake and awake" the body, how to focus on internal energies and direct their flow, as well as doing some stretching, body alignment exercises, and physical workouts. We will also be practicing floor material inspired by "natural movement" and movements that we're currently experimenting with in our project.

ABOUT THE PROJECT: "SPEOS, or, the Man on the Rock"
SPEOS is inspired by the story of King Salomon, the prophet builder, who took it upon himself to build the biggest temple that the world had ever seen. In the course of his undertaking, Salomon is faced with rebellion and madness – but, against all odds, he succeeds in building his temple.

Our interpretation of King Salomon's story was inspired by the French composer Jean Louis Florentz's (1947-2004) work. In the symphonic dance, L'Anneau de Salomon, Florentz was able to evoke the wisdom of the prophet builder, but also to show him struggling to complete his work. Our performance creates an artistic parallel between the biblical tale, Florentz's symphonic dance, and ourselves – a creation that is like an act of faith; a building in multiple forms.

Four dancers, an organ player, and a scenographer meet around the physical act of building and constructing, either upon their bodies or in space, on music or in silence, as a group or individually, collaborating or competing.
There is a deep and close connection between the sound of the organ and the effort of the dancers. The music and movement are united and fed by each other's flow and breath. Like this, the human construction will be anchored in rock, but remain subject to the winds.

Côme Calmelet started dancing in Cathy Cambet's company for young interpreters in Grenoble, France. He received parallel educations in both dance and music, specifically the trumpet, which he has played in different bands and groups ranging from jazz to classical orchestras. He graduated from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon in 2012, and has since been working as a freelance dancer for different choreographers in France (e.g. Davy Brun, Nadine Beaulieu, Thomas Guerry/Camille Rocailleux, Youtci Erdos) and around Europe (e.g. Renate Graziadei/Arthur Staldi, David Hernandez, Keith A. Thompson). Aside from his artistic work, he has begun developing a educational project based on his musical background and his physical experience, especially the release technique, breathing practices and body awareness taught to him by Matthieu Burner.

Clément Rivalin has been a gymnast and a sportsman since his childhood, and a sports trainer and personal trainer since 2012. His growing interest in other forms of moving led him to attend workshops with different contemporary dance influencers, such as Yuval Pick, Salah El Brogy, Jorge Cresis, and German Jauregui from the company Ultima Ves of Wim Wandekeybus. In 2014, he made his artistic debut in a project initiated by the National Choreographic Center of Rillieux La Pape (Yuval Pick) and lead by the "Collectif Es" (Jeremy Martinez, Emilie Szikora, Sidonie Duret). His pedagogic work is inspired by his artistic collaborations. He has a particular interest in the natural movement technique, as well as in exploring different ways of moving and transmitting movement to others.

Joan Vercoutere graduated from the National Conservatory of Music and Dance of Lyon in 2012 and has since worked as a professional contemporary dancer for choreographers, such as Didier Theron, Davy Brun, Gaetano Battezzato, Edmond Russo/Shlomi Tuizer, Andonis Foniadakis, and, more recently, he has been involved in several different creations by Nans Martin. He also collaborates with the baroque music group "Les Surprises" in Paris, making choreographies and interpreting operas. His meeting with the choreographer Cécile Laloy, in a project instigated by Florence Girardon and Maguy Marin, led to him joining the company for their next creation, "Duo".
In his transmission, Joan wants to bring the game as a motivation to the movement.What if dancing would be a way of playing with invisible shapes, colours, sounds, textures ? To try to move not by focusing on our habits and what we know, what we've learned since forever. How can we discover our body in the space and the people in it by the curiosity of a child, in the very present moment ?


Barker- teatterin vuoden 2018 tanssitaiteen residenssiin valittiin tanssitaiteilijat Joona Halonen (Hki) ja Katri Soini (Hki). Halonen ja Soini työstävät residenssiaikana "centaur" tanssiteosta.
Teoksen ensi-ilta tullaan näkemään Barker-teatterilla vuonna 2019.

Lyhytresidenssiin Turun alueelta valittiin Teatterikorkeakoulun tanssijantaiteen maisteriopiskelija Laura Sorvari.

Residenssihakemuksia saapui 22 kpl.

Onnittelut valituille taiteilijoille!


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Barker-teatteri on tehnyt pitkäaikaista työtä tanssi - ja sirkustaiteen hyväksi.Se edustaa ennakkoluulotonta, taiteiden ja taiteilijoiden välistä vuorovaikutuksen areenaa.Monipuolisen taiteen ja verkostoitumisen paikkana Barker palvelee turkulaista,suomalaista ja omalta osaltaan myös kansainvälistä tanssi- ja sirkustaidekenttää.

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